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『Asia-Pacific Review』 Vol. 23, No. 1(MAY 2016) を刊行しました

Yasuhiro Nakasone Proposal on Maritime Security in East Asia

◆The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) Agreement AKIRA AMARI

◆Japan's Global Health Strategy: Connecting Development and Security KEIZO TAKEMI

◆Sustainable Development Goals and Japan's Official Development Assistance Policy: Human Security, National Interest, and a More Proactive Contribution to Peace SHINICHI KITAOKA

◆The Formation of the New Government in Taiwan and Japan-Taiwan Relations SHIN KAWASHIMA

◆The Background to the Japan-Republic of Korea Agreement: Compromises Concerning the Understanding of the Comfort Women Issue NAOKO KUMAGAI

◆TPP, RCEP, and FTAAP: Mulitlayered Regional Economic Integration and International Relations MIE OBA

◆The Struggle Against Corruption: Progress at a Snail's Pace. Why? BERTRAND DE SPEVILLE



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