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The March 8, 2022 session of the NPI series "Ask What You Want to Know" on "What will happen in Ukraine?"

The NPI "Ask What You Want to Know" series is a forum in which leading researchers discuss issues of current interest and field questions from the attendees.


The situation in Ukraine is tense. Subjects including the domestic situation, how Russian President Vladimir Putin will act, the reaction of the United States, Europe, and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and future developments are all under increased scrutiny. Based on their awareness of the situation, panelists provided commentary and responded to questions from the attendees.


Fujisaki Ichiro, NPI President



Sumi Shigeki, Former Ambassador of Japan to Ukraine

Abiru Taisuke, Senior Research Fellow, Sasakawa Peace Foundation


Questions from the attendees were organized into the following four groups and posed to the panelists on the day of the event.


1. How do you assess the war situation in Ukraine and how do you see it unfolding in the future?


2. Why did Russian President Vladimir Putin take this step now? What do you make of his remarks about the use of nuclear weapons? Will Ukraine continue to fight cohesively under President Zelensky?


3. Economic sanctions are a game of patience. Will the West be able to step in and stop the energy import restrictions, which are the real key? Will the West end up letting the sanctions fall by the wayside?


4. What do you see as the ultimate outcome for Ukraine? Will Ukraine's membership in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) be frozen, with its southern part as a puppet state of Russia? Could it be more broadly partitioned or disarmed?

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