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Jun OSAWA is Senior Research Fellow at Nakasone Peace Institute (NPI). Mr. Osawa has been concurrently Board member of Kajima Peace Institute (2018-), Cyber Project Coordinator at Sasakawa Peace Foundation (2018-). His research interests include national cyber security, strategic assessment, and Northeast Asian international security.

He joined NPI/IIPS in 1995 as a research fellow (1995-2009) and serves as a senior research fellow (2009-2014, 2017-). His previous positions include: Senior Fellow of National Security Council) Secretariat (NSS) (2017-2019), Deputy Cabinet Counsellor of National Security (Council) Secretariat (NSS) (2014-2016), visiting fellow, CEAP, Brookings Institution (2013), member of the Cabinet Office’s Advisory Panel on Communication Concerning Territorial Integrity (2013-2014), member of the Keidanren Study Group on Cyber Warfare and Defense (2012), a visiting scholar at National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (2011-2016), Policy Planning Researcher and Advisor, Policy Planning Division, Foreign Policy Bureau, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2007-2009), Analyst, Second Division, Intelligence and Analysis Service, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2004-2006), and Lecturer, International Studies at Meiji Gakuin University (2003). Mr. Osawa received his M.A. from Keio University in 1996 and his B.A. from Keio University in 1994.

As of Apr 1, 2024
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