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NPI publishes "Digital Technology and Economy/Finance Annual Research Report 2020"

Launched in FY2020 under the sponsorship of Japan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this study group is scheduled to run for three years until FY2022.


The aim of this study group is to analyze and consider the impact of the innovation and expansion of digital and other advanced technologies on the economy, finance, international relations, and international security from a global perspective in terms of both potentials and risks, and then to examine and propose issues and solutions for Japan and a direction that can be presented to the world.


Utilizing a network of experts from industry, academia, and government, we will try to clearly organize specialized concepts such as "big data," "AI," "IoT," "5G," "cyber security," "digital currency," "blockchain," and "FinTech" as implications in the context of international issues, and also pay attention to "values" and "psychology," which are important in implementing technologies.


The contents of this report can be found here (http://www.iips.org/news/NPI_DTEF_G4_Annual2020.pdf).

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