Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Recipients of the 15th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Mr. Barak Kushner, PhD [Award of Excellence]

Age: 51
Nationality: United Kingdom
Professor University of Cambridge

Reason for selection:A researcher in Japanese studies from the West, Dr. Kushner has investigated a wide range of subjects surrounding Japanese history and culture including such subjects as comparing how the war and postwar have been perceived both within Japan and in East Asia, examining Japanese food culture and how it links modern Japanese history to the Chinese continent, especially ramen, and the evolution of imperial Japanese propaganda. His research findings have been praised as not only unique but also as valuable contributions to the field. Further, Dr. Kushner’s fluency in Japanese and Chinese has supported networking and information sharing among Asian studies researchers in Europe and America, and fostered further collaborative connections with those in Japan, China, and Taiwan.

Mr. Motohiro Tsuchiya, PhD [Award of Excellence]

Age: 49
Nationality: Japan
Professor Keio University

Reason for selection: In the fields of international affairs and security, Mr. Tsuchiya is a leading researcher in the issue of cybersecurity. He has conducted exemplary research regarding the influence of cyberspace on the current international security environment and the possibility of establishing international norms. His research findings have been published in multiple books. As a public intellectual, Mr. Tsuchiya often provides commentary and remarks targeted to the public via the media and has served as a member on various government panels tasked with formulating cybersecurity policy in Japan.

Ms. Xiaojin Wu, PhD [Incentive Award]

Age: 43
Nationality: United States
Curator of Japanese and Korean Art Seattle Art Museum

Reason for selection: Born in China, Ms. Wu specializes in Japanese art history. Currently she is a curator at the Seattle Art Museum, where she oversees the Museum’s renowned collection and organizes exhibitions of Japanese art. In particular, the ground-breaking exhibition that juxtaposed the work of the contemporary Japanese artist Tabaimo and traditional art from the Museum’s collection received high praise. Ms. Wu is an active member of the Arts Dialogue Committee (ADC) established by the United States-Japan Conference on Cultural & Educational Exchange (CULCON). In that role, she has contributed especially to ADC’s “ArtsJapan2020” campaign, which promotes Japanese art and culture in the US.

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Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

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