Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Recipients of the 17th Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

Ms. MASUO Chisako T. (Award of Excellence)

Age: 47
Nationality: Japan
Associate Professor, Faculty of Social and Cultural Studies, Kyushu University

Reason for Selection: Ms. Masuo has made significant contributions to promotion of understanding of Chinese political diplomacy in Japan, and, when the China Coast Guard Law came into effect in February 2021, she was among the first to share her expertise and raise the issue with the public.

Ms. Suzanne I. Basalla (Award of Excellence)

Age: 52
Nationality: United States
President & CEO, Japan Society

Reason for Selection: Besides making significant contributions to the promotion of the TOMODACHI Initiative, a public-private partnership between the United States and Japan, Ms. Basalla has also contributed to the development of next-generation leaders and the strengthening of US-Japan relations through her role on the US-Japan Council and in other capacities.

Mr. Wei-Hsiu Huang(Incentive Award)

Age: 44
Nationality: Taiwan
Assistant Professor, Institute for Advanced Studies on Asia, University of Tokyo

Reason for Selection: In addition to making a significant contribution to the promotion of understanding of Taiwan and China-Taiwan relations in Japan, Mr. Wei-Hsiu Huang has also made notable achievements including proactively disseminating information on the detention of a Japanese professor in China in 2019, and contributing to ensuring the safety of international academic exchange.

Ms. NISHIZAWA Yoriko (Incentive Award)

Age: 47
Nationality: Japan
Associate Professor, Khesar Gyalpo University of Medical Sciences of Bhutan

Reason for Selection: While working as a neonatologist and associate professor at a university in the Kingdom of Bhutan, Ms. Nishizawa, working with the Ministry of Health and hospital officials in Bhutan, has made achievements to improve the medical welfare system, particularly in the areas of maternal and child health and neonatal care.

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Nakasone Yasuhiro Award

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